November 2010 Fish Of The Month Winner Is:

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Ludwig Venter

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Jun 7, 2008
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South Africa
November 2010 Fish of the month winner:

Congratulations and well done to:


:band: :drink: :hooray: :hooray: :- :cool: :drinks: :yahoo:

Thanks also to all who entered and to those who voted.

Ross101's Severum
Well done Ross101..... Drawing 31% of the 54 votes......

Have you entered the December 2010 Fish of the month competition yet..... You have untill 13th December to do so, when Voting will commence.
well done Ross a worthy winner

Thats a very proud looking Sev
Well done Ross, very nice sev :good:

I am sooooooo amazed Chops came joint 3rd against some really gorgous fish.

Thank you Ludwig for you work on the competitions :good:
Wow, thanks very much guys.

Jaffa (My severum) is a very proud fish atm!

Again thanks very much to all that voted for him. :good:
Tango would like to thank every one who voted for him and he is happy to come 2nd to such a beautiful fish. Well done pal

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