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Jul 22, 2020
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Fair. I've never understood a quarantine tank to begin with. I always thought it was weird to keep a fish separate while treating it since I'd feel bad for the fish.
Someday I'll set up a quarantine tank. I've got two extra tanks lying around.

Quarantine is most important when getting new fish that you plan to add to your main display tanks. Buying fish from a store for example, putting them straight into your main tanks is the most common way people end up spreading illnesses/parasites, and risk losing their whole stock of cherished and/or potentially very expensive fish.

Keeping new fish (often bought as a group) in quarantine for 2-4 weeks can save a lot of heartbreak and expense. Fish meds aren't cheap, and dosing a ten gallon QT would have saved me having to medicate for both kinds of worms in all four of my larger tanks! There are people with hundreds of gallons worth of aquariums, and fish worth hundreds of dollars each. You bet that they QT new fish until absolutely sure that they're disease free.

Given how common things like worms and ick are in fish stores and farms, a QT is always sensible.


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Sep 13, 2016
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Welcome to the forum to start with... :hi:
I read some advice, however, that I should continue adding ammonia and doing water changes until the biofilters can neutralized 2 ppm of ammonia within 24 hours before adding fish. (Don't know if it really needs to be done, but it sounded like a laudable goal...)
I do read that quite often as well. But to be honest, I don't do that myself. And it has always worked for me.

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