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May 14, 2021
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Hi all,

I am a keen fishkeeper however have been out of the game for about 5 years whilst we had young kids and the house wasn't big enough anymore - but now we've moved and the kids are older - so it's time to get back in to it :D

I've ordered a Clearseal 120cm Oak tank ( which is about 240 litres, long and relatively thin.

I'm thinking of a Fluval 407 for filtration, 300 watt heater, and the Fluval Plant 3.0 for lighting (46W version). Also, as I want to build a planted Amazonian styled tank I am after a Co2 kit - I used to use fire extinguishers but am thinking of going for something a bit more consistent (and expensive :oops:) with the JBL ProFlora m501.

No idea about stocking yet - but my main question is, will the Fluval 407 be a good match for a 240 litre and with the idea of being a bottom-basin Amazonian (slow flow) tank work?

Also, is the Fluval Plant 3.0 changeable in terms of length, as the Fluval site suggests it has a range or lengths? Will that specific model fit a 120cm Clearseal tank?

Any help much appreciated!


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