New here plecos/clown loaches are my thing

Wow, ive never heard of that before. Learn something new everyday. I've had these guys going on 12 years and haven't had any fish deaths aside from the normal reasons.

True story, I lost 7 archer fish, 5 plecos and 6-8 5"+ roselines after I did tank maintenance. I unplugged my wave makers, airstone and fx6, got caught up with my girlfriends birthday. Went out for about 8hrs came home to fish gulping air at the surface..did not lose a single clown (at that time they were with me for about 10 years) I would have been devastated. I lost some nice plecos that day, it was awful.

Speaking of that, I'm always scared of power outages especially since that incident. What are some contingency plans that yall use to mitigate those circumstances?
We are talking about a specific case of male bn wanting to claim a cave own by a clown loach; my female bn have not had a problem and the clowns don't actively hunt them. There has not been any issues (that i know of with my L206 and clown loaches) but i've not seen a L206 try to claim a cave in the same fashion as a clown. I suppose if i made the tank more appropriate for L206 breeding (they require a more specific setup than bn pleco); there might be an issue.
Clowns have a secret weapon they can deploy when it comes to a serious fight. It is called a suboccular spine. Emma Turner, who had a legendary clown name Marge, managed to get a pic of it with, what I like to call its switchblade, actually out.


They can do a lot of damage with that weapon if they have cause to use it.

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