New Curvicep Cichlid Added To Tank

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Feb 19, 2013
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hi  i added a new (hopefully female) curvicep cichlid to my tank today and my other one (been told male) went up to the bag and looked at the new cichlid, after i let her out he went up to her and they swum near each other but now he just chases her around doesn't attack as for say just chases... what could this mean? good or bad? he's not as shy now with her in there and she comes up to the glass when im near and hes not around...
Sounds like he's just letting het know she's in HIS TANK, it would settle down once the line of command has been established :good:
hes good when the lights off and they will sit near each other for like a few mins then he chases here... hopefully it settles down... when shes among the bushes he doesn't go in there

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