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  1. Flavs

    Advice on adding fish to tank

    Hello there! I would really love some advice from seasoned fish keepers! I currently have a 54L tank (60 x 30 x 30). I've currently got a gorgeous Betta, 6 Neon Tetras and 2 Cory Doras. I was wondering whether I could add a 2-3 extra neons to form more of a school and perhaps even another Cory...
  2. livvyy

    New Curvicep Cichlid Added To Tank

    hi  i added a new (hopefully female) curvicep cichlid to my tank today and my other one (been told male) went up to the bag and looked at the new cichlid, after i let her out he went up to her and they swum near each other but now he just chases her around doesn't attack as for say just...