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Fish Crazy
Jun 28, 2004
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Surrey, UK
I have 4 pregnant guppies in a breeding net in my main tank and 4am this morning (I couldn't sleep :S) I noticed just one TINY fry against the side of the net! :D

One of the other guppies was quite interested in finding out if it was edible or not but I couldn't see how I could separate it and didn't know whether to feed them or not so I thought "Put the light out and STOP poking the fish!" and went to bed.

Well, this morning I looked for it and at first I couldn't see it :( , so I though the nasty big fish had scoffed it for a snack in the night. :sly:

But then I found it! It had sensibly hidden itself right underneath the holey rock that I put in the net for some cover! :D

HOORAY for the lone fry with brains! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I'm sorry to be SO CHEESY - but he's just got to be called LUCKY! :lol:

Perhaps this is the first in a line of smarter than average fish that will eventually rule the world! Muh, hu hu ha ha! :grr:
YAY! your a grandmummy again!

good luck red :D
Actually, these guppies were a gift (!) from Narayan and are the offspring of his guppies - so what does that make him?! :lol:

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