My pup, Smidge

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Aug 15, 2022
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I got Smidge in January, he was 3 months old and a whopping 5 lbs. He is a Shipoo, which is a shitzu and min. Poodle mix. They said he would max out at 10lbs. Approx. But he is already about 15lbs lol
He is really smart and seems to understand everything I say! Like,

The other morning after I finished doing mom's meds and tests, I tucked her in on the couch..
Smidge was standing next to her and she laughed and said you wanna nap with me? I laughed and said he probably does! He loves a good blankie snuggle!
I went into the kitchen and a few min later I hear her giggling...
Smidge had gone and got his blankie and jumped up with her! (He was laying but sat up when I came over) picture posted ...
So many things to say about him...he loves anything that squeaks, that he can chew, and that he can chase, he loves to cuddle and is a little demanding at times for my attention lol like if I'm on my phone, he will put his paw on the screen and push it down, looking at me like ummm excuse me, I'm right here!🤣 he comes to check on you anytime you cough and won't leave till you say, I'm ok.
He was born on Oct 2nd, which was when my daughter (who passed away at 5 mo. Of age back in 1990) was born. It's almost like a final closing to that chapter for me. Lol 32 yrs later.
Well, before I write a complete book (sorry for rambling) I will end with Smidge is now sporting a Mohawk and my brother calls him Mr. T 🤣


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Sep 23, 2013
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Great little doggie. Be sure to enter it in mid September's Pet of the Month contest. You will see a banner at the top of the forums announcing when we are accepting entries. Just click on banner to go to the entry thread.

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