My new mystery plants...

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Jul 22, 2020
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Hi, thanks so much for such wonderful info!! I’m in the U.S. in such a small town that it’s an hour and a half to nearest pet/fish store. The details you included are so valuable to me, I so appreciate the time you are giving. I’ll look up the crypts, mosses and other items that you mentioned...was wondering about guppy grass too; I love the delicate soft look of it and read that it can float or be planted so thought it might be easy? I’m definitely going to go with your recommendations though as I have so much to learn. Thanks so much!
You're so welcome :) Guppy grass is a good beginner plant too! And if you love it, you should definitely get some! Yes, you can both float and plant some, best of both worlds! And no root tabs needed, they feed from the water column. If it starts to struggle, a liquid aquatic plant fertiliser can help, but again, probably not essential, see how it does then can always get ferts later if it seems to need it.

r/aquabid on reddit is a good place to get some cheap plants in the US, I'd be buying from there all the time if I were US based. It's trading and buying from other hobbyists, so you can often get better deals than online shops, but that's also riskier than buying from an online store, so up to you. @PheonixKingZ or @Deanasue might be able to recommend sources for plants online in the US :)

EDIT: Hope you share photos when your plants arrive!