My Little Girl All Grown Up. Pet of the Month
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Nov 5, 2004
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Emma 22 with her boyfriend scott who are getting married in may next year.
Hi Wilder,
She looks beautiful, I bet she's broke a few hearts in her time!
All the best for her wedding next year, I bet you're very proud. :D
Thanks stang1 that was along edit
My son andrew won't let me put his pic up, he said no way are you putting a pic up of me on a fish forum.
Do it anyway! The one pleasure us parents get is embarrassing our kids!
:lol: Won't let me near them pics on his computor and need a password he's not daft.
Aww lovely pic of another Emma lol. Shes lovely Wilder, and congrats with the coming wedding :)
Thanks black angel you reminded me meant to do it a while ago, asked my son to email the pic but you not what there like.
:lol: Nobody was interested so removed it myself.
And my husband said I couldn't of put a worse pic up of her.

But I like it.
:lol: No she not russian.

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