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Oct 14, 2011
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Eastern Canada
I do freelance work making videos for the Fluval site, so here is my most recent mix of wild and fishroom clips of a fish I really like. I think forum members may find watching these fish with their young interesting. I hope so. This was only a week after surgery that should improve my voice, so maybe I'll sing on the next one. Probably not.

Just found this! Have much to say, but tired brain says I will have a better grasp on the English language after some sleep, so I shall return to this, in due time!
But for now, your voice sounded great, and normal to me, but you know the sound of your own voice much better, this is the first time I've heard it! But it's a good, deep voice.

You said they're not the most colourful fish - but wow, the endless variety of colours through those fins? Constantly flickering as they move their fins, is stunning! The shots at 1:36 onward especially show what I mean. Very like light through a prism, and is also giving me echoes of the amount of shades of colour in parrot feathers, like a Scarlet Macaws tail feather. Makes me want to draw and paint them, but how do you paint it when it's constantly shifting and changing? So the beauty of the colours is only really captured when it's alive and in motion.

Not even mentioning the neon highlighted cheek patches (have no idea the sciency anatomical name for that bit, but those bits), they're gorgeous. Making me think of the 80s too, but that might be down to the playlist I was listening to earlier... If these were my fish though, I wouldn't be able to resist naming them "Cindy & Lauper".

I love that you also love the shared brood care! What I know about cichlids could be written on a postage stamp - if the pen was very small. But I do know they're fantastic parents. I'm sure many people outside the hobby would be shocked at the idea of some fish species being caring parents. That myth about Goldfish only having three second memories, the one that justified keeping them in tiny tabletop bowls, hasn't done a lot of good for the hobby, sadly.

Going on a jealous, living vicariously dive into these trips to see specimens in their natural habitat. Byron was also so passionate about replicating natural environments, and allowing fish to practice their natural behaviours as much as possible when in home aquaria. Changed the way I thought about my own hobby completely. Especially once I learned I was keeping my beloved otos in the wrong GH, and likely shortening their lifespans. Biotope type set ups are very appealing, especially for that dream of mine to successfully breed otos in captivity myself. Might have to move to a softwater area! Or just collect more rainwater, that works too.

Speaking of, last moment of the video that I'll comment on, with affection! But I like that you show how there's little in the way of aquatic plants in their wild habitat, perhaps zero, apologise to planted tank nuts, but that it's not the only natural way - immediately cuts back to your own tank with... what's that I see? Live plants? ;) :lol:

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