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My first Gabon video

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It is amazing that you get to see species in natural habitats even the undefined ones! Also, the colours @1:52 are astonishing 😍
It's a bit addictive, though somewhat hard to do a lot. From Europe, it would be a lot cheaper. But what you take away from it is incredible. The videos will hopefully give me a base to pay for at least one more adventure before age catches up. It's not luxury travel, although most people from industrialized countries tend to exaggerate how different it can be. It's just a place where people live their lives, differently from ours.

We were legally able to take fish home with us, but even if we hadn't been I would have been happy to have learned what I did. I was travelling with two Ichthyologists and three really knowledgeable fellow hobbyists. Our driver, whom we hired at random, turned out to be a really nice guy who was very generous with his knowledge of birds and plants. Plus he got us through roads that would barely qualify as fields in other places. At one point, there was a tree growing in the middle of a lane on a major highway. It's an oil rich country with very small government and big CEOs.

I am hoping to do half a dozen videos. Next up will be some Cichlids.

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