Most aggressive Shell-dweller

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In my experience the most aggressive shellie would be a Lepidiolamprologus Boulengeri

Only one way to find out... :devil:

Based on size I would say ocellatus if we go by "agression per inch". ;)
I'd agree with Snowie and say ocellatus is the most aggressive species. But I've never owned the Lepidiolamprologus Boulengeri. ;)
lets put it this way...

I had a pair of Boulengeri, a trio of Ocellatus, a young pair of Albino Brichardi's, and a pair of Caudos in a 72gallon bowfront...

The Boulengeri were and still are masters of the tank even with the Brichardi's trying to breed now. The occies wont go near the boulengeri and when the Boulengeri comes near their shell the occies just duck for cover.

All fish were approx the same size.
Oh I believe you!! I can tell they are pretty mean just by the teeth on those things! :hyper:
Incredible pics. :cool:

You should post some of those in the members photo section.

Those are my next shell dweller.

I take it those wouldn't work in a tang community? :dunno:

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