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Meet The Plant People!

Apr 1, 2011
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Forum Name - StandbySetting
Real Name - Jack
Location - Derbyshire, UK
Years in Hobby - Getting on for 10 I would of thought, been keeping fish for as long as I remember
Current Tanks - 60 Litre planted set up (In the process of setting up)
Current Planted Tanks - As above
Non Plant related Fact - Huge Derby County fan, I guess the avatar gives it away eh? :p I also play guitar and bass.
Pet Hate - Bad grammar

Picture of yourself -
In my Derby shirt, with virtually 0 facial expression ever :rolleyes:
Some details - Currently at 6th form studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Law at AS level
Fish keeping history - I've pretty much gone full circle, started with cold water, then moved to tropical with your average community fish, then planted, then I went marine, then back to planted, then to Shell Dwellers, then back to plants (there's no staying away!)
Pics + details of tank/tanks - I shall add these when I have something to share
Dreams for the future - I'd quite like to keep some large cichlids at some point, as well as a larger marine tank and a I also wouldn't mind a large planted set up, these are all unlikely until I move out and get my own place, and possibly win the lottery!



Mar 1, 2011
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Forum Name : rwgirard
Real Name : Robin
Location : St Louis, MO, USA
Years in Hobby : 6 months or so
Current Tanks : 10g community and 2.5g cherry shrimp tank [en devenir]
Current Planted Tanks :

10g community tank : [I made the stand, its red oak.]

2.5g shrimp tank :

Non Plant related Fact : I dance and teach the argentine tango on my spare time. And I have a twin sister.
Pet Hate : Anthropomorphism

A picture of me in an alpaca scarf that my girlfriend knit me:

Some details (what you do for a living) : I am a graduate student in medieval french literature.
Fish keeping history (what you have kept etc) : bettas, otocinclus, clown pleco, green neon tetras, african dwarf frogs, mystery snails, ghost shrimp
Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep) : I would love to have a tank of jelly fish, a pet lobster like Gérard de Nerval [he used to walk it around the Tuileries in Paris], and a cuttlefish tank. Mudskippers are growing on me though. Of course, I need to keep things in perspective and so the chance of any of the above is slim to none at best.


Ice Queen
Aug 7, 2009
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W.Yorks, UK
Forum Name: coldcazzie
Real Name: Caz
Location: Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
Years in Hobby: 7, but only about a year planted
Current Tanks: 1 - Juwel Rio 240
Current Planted Tanks: ^^^
Non Plant related Fact: I like chicken.
Pet Hate: slow eaters.

Some details (what you do for a living): Open University undergraduate studying BSc in Psychology, full time mum, and sometimes self-employed as a doula when I have the time.
Fish keeping history (what you have kept etc): gouramis, tetras, angelfish, hoplos, corydoras, guppies, bettas, rasboras, BNs, CAE, pictus pim, so many I can't remember.
Pics + details of tank/tanks: details are in my sig/profile, and here's a picture:

Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep): my ultimate fish are seahorses. We're talking waaaaaaaay in the future though :lol:


Feb 16, 2011
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Location: Lancs, Uk
Years in Hobby: 9 months
Current Tanks: 200 Litre community tank
Current Planted Tanks 200 Litre community tank

What you do for a living:
Personal Trainer
Fish keeping history: Really short history to be honest. Started with the common mistake of buying a small "Easier" 65l Marina tank, but could not deal with the fluxuations of water parameters due to lack of exp. Upgraded to a 4' 200 litre Tank, with Fluval U4 filter, no Co2, T5 lighting, Sand substrate and few plants.

Fish Stocking is as follows:
Leopard Danios
Neon Tetras
1 Balloon Molly
1 Guppy
1 Sailfin Molly
1 Elephant Nose
Rhombo Barbs

Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep):
Want to move to a 75 Gal Tank and focus on Yellow Labs and Pseudotropheus Demasoni, But really want to get a GREAT planted tank going, just cant seem to nail it :(


Oct 3, 2008
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Probably a bit slow on the uptake here, but hey! ;)

Forum Name = bumbleweasle
Real Name = Jayneth
Location = Edinburgh, UK
Years in Hobby = 5 in tropical, last 6-12 months or so on the planted side!
Current Tanks = 140l "mini fish" tank
Current Planted Tanks = as above (low tech).
Non Plant related Fact = I have two genetic conditions.
Pet Hate = My astounding skill at procrastination.

Some details (what you do for a living): I'm a student nurse in the learning disabilities branch.

Fish keeping history: Mostly community tanks, although did have a pair of chocolate cichlids for a while.. I prefer teeny fish nowadays, like ember tetras & the celestial pearl danios. :wub:

Pics + details of tank/tanks, aka "what I learned from this forum so far":

5x Otocinclus
5x Neon Tetra
9x Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnow
1x Black Skirt Tetra
1x Scissortail rasbora
1x Ember tetra

Willow Moss / fontinalis antipyretica
Taiwan Moss / taxiphyllum alternans
Peacock Moss / taxiphyllum sp.
Weeping Moss / vesicularia ferriei
Java Moss / Vesicularia dubyana/Taxiphyllum barbieri
Cabomba sp.
Echinodorus ?Amazonicus
Echinodorus Tenellus
Sagittaria Subulata
Hygrophila Difformis
Ceratopteris Siliquosa
? Java Fern
Bolbitis Heudelottii

Dreams for the future:

(originally from here)



Planted Experimentalist
Apr 2, 2011
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Forum Name - ps3steveo
Real Name - Steve
Location - South East
Years in Hobby - 8
Current Tanks - 32 Litre Planted, 60 Litre Planted, 1 Litre Planted, 20 Litre Planted, Vision 450 (empty in garage).
Current Planted Tanks - As above
Non Plant related Fact - I love tropical fish lol
Pet Hate - Rude people & algae

Picture of yourself - I don't think so lol
Some details - I'm an electrical engineer, been doing it 12 years now and I'm pretty much a handy man too I can turn my hand to anything.
Fish keeping history - Pretty much everything accept Malawi's
Pics + details of tank/tanks - Will do shortly
Dreams for the future - 450 litre planted with Discus, Rams, Rummynose and Vampire Shrimp. 2 x 60 litre planted with Rasbora, Tiger Shrimp and Apisto's. 35 litre planted with Badis. 2 x TMC 8 litre with CRS, Cherry Shrimp and Micro Crabs.

I'll get some pics up and edit this soon as I find a decent pic of me lol.


Aug 24, 2011
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birmingham .uk
Hi.your tank is perfect,you got a natural knack by the look of it.keep up the good work !!!!kind regards-rebaka

Hi,i cant beleive how manicured your planted tanks are,you must spend so much time looking after these,your a natural habitat artist,well done.you have inspired me today,thank you !!!!kind regards and in total ore of your tanks-Rebaka


i need to stop buying plants....
Sep 26, 2011
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Forum Name: mike455555
Real Name: Michael
Location: Norfolk, UK
Years in Hobby: 1 (1/2 cold water)
Current Tanks: 20l aqua one 300 , 3f lit with t8 bulb
Current Planted Tanks: both
Non Plant related Fact: we are made out of star dust =]
Pet Hate: cheep ornaments in some tanks

Some details: im currently in collage
Fish keeping history: 10 neon tetra 2 female betta 2 plattys 10 amano shrimp 1 endless guppie
Pics + details of tank/tanks.
3f, lighting 1x t8 bulb a filter which came with it dwarf hairgrass amazon swords java fern and crypts

20l 11w pl compact lighting anbuias, dwarfs hair grass Indian fern ---- brown algae as its half way though cycle (only been set up 2 weeks)

Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep)bigger and prettier and smaller


Nov 12, 2011
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Forum Name: wroberson
Real Name: William
Location: Oak Park, IL
Picture of yourself: Picture too Blurry.
Some details: Driver. Hibernation until spring.
Years in Hobby: (currently 4). I grew up with fish tanks though
Current Tanks: 125g All-Glass
Current Planted Tanks: 125g on a home made stand

Fish keeping history:
Mom and Dad had 12 tanks back in the early 70's. I had a tank in 1996. Gave it to sister and she broke it. Someone gave me a 10g kit for Christmas and had it running for 2 years. Then I found a 55g in the trash. That was up and running for a year. Overcrowding convinced me to buy a new tank. The 125g I currently use. I've given away the other tanks and filters to neighbors.

Tank Pic: My pictures are like 3Mb and wouldn't upload, so I blasted them out there to a free image host. I also can't get the full tank shot to focus. So, here are 5 links to my pictures. 1-4 are 1/4 tank shots. 5 is full view.



1 Emperor 400
1 EX70
2 150 watt heaters
2 standard lights and glass tops

Plants: Mineral substrate, some lava rocks and 1 piece of slate. Leaf Zone plant food
18" tall Amazon Sword
22" tall Rose Sword
25 aponogeton bulbs
7 small amazon sword
8 different Anubias
4 lillies
3 misc bunched plants
1 potted plant

Driftwood: (semi carved) Currently using natural sides
4 medium pieces 1 bear, 1 ram, 1 Virgin Mary, 1 bird(looks like a water landing or take off)
1 small pieces

4 Madagascar Rainbow
3 Turquoise Rainbow
4 Banded Rainbow
1 Goyder River Rainbow
1 Emerald Rainbow
4 Red Rainbow
4 Yellow Rainbow
3 Boseamani Rainbow
1 Neon Rainbow
3 Angelfish
1 Some kind of loach. (seen about once every 3 weeks)
3 Roseline Sharks
1 Rainbow Shark
2 Flying Foxes

Fish Diet: Rainbow fish are omnivores, but in the wild, they eat mostly algae with the occasional meat.
Veggie Flakes (28% protein)
Shrimp (1-3 times per week)

Pet Hate: Sure, I've punched horses before.
Non Plant related Facts: I have the flu. Volcanoes vent iridium gas. Every asteroid has it's own keyhole.

1. Asteroid 2010 GA6 is at close approach: 4-14-2010: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=2010%20GA6;orb=1
2. Eyjafjallajökull erupts 4-14-2010: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_eruptions_of_Eyjafjallaj%C3%B6kull
3. Fireball Over Midwest 4-14-2010: youtube.com/watch?v=QwI3ivVX6Qc&feature=fvst

Dreams for the future: That 2012, the year of the Dragon be my best year ever!


Jul 31, 2008
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been a little while since i started this, and being the creator, im overdue an update..

i have sinced stopped my planted ventures and im now onto cichlids... here are some photos of my journey in all worlds!

how the 450l started...

some of the inhabitants (i loved these fish)

Cichlid time!!

more recent shot to come


Nov 12, 2011
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Super looking tanks and fish there...

I have a new resident. Tropeus, Dubosi. Just one juvenile. I'm thinking about getting a 1-2 more from a different Big Box Pet Shop. The one I have seems to have settled in. The red rainbow fish showed the most interest, but so far the fish has found great cover among the brush and in the driftwood and rocks. I did some reading and they can be peaceful with other species, but can fight to the death with it's own kind. It's an adorable little fish.


Feb 11, 2012
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Forum Name - Ram8349
Location - the U.S.
Years in Hobby - 2 years (if not including the failed tries during my childhood)
Current Tanks - 4 tanks (40 gallon, 10 gallon, 10 gallon, 5.5 gallon)
Current Planted Tanks (40 gallon planted, 10 gallon planted, 10 gallon shrimp tank with huge java moss)

Fish keeping history (what you have kept etc)
Gold fish during childhood. They didn't live for long.
The real try started in summer 2010 after some detailed research first.
Fish I've kept - Dwarf Gourami, German Blue Ram, Cardinal Tetra, Peppered corycats, otto catfish, Black Phantom Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, Platy, Neon Rainbowfish

Pics + details of tank/tanks.

Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep)
A 90 gallon planted community tank.


Fish nerd
Mar 19, 2008
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Real Name: Sarah 
Location: Tahoe CA
Years in Hobby: 13 year mostly betta fish. 3 years plants. 5 years cichlids.
Current Tanks: 4. 20gal long tiger shrimp, 80gal, 7gal, 100gal SA cichlids no plants.
Current Planted Tanks: 3
other interest: dogs, snowboarding , hiking ,mountain biking, and my daughter.

Me with my daughter. 

My tanks 
This is my 80gal I just planted so it needs to fill in and grow. The floating plants are clipping from another tank waiting for a new home.

20gal long. I need to redo this tank but too many baby shrimp. 

7gal still new and still needs work.

10gal my fist attempt at a real planted tank before I took it apart.


Feb 28, 2009
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Glasgow, Scotland
Forum Name: hensonc4098
Real Name: Claire Henson - there's a few other Claires around so everyone calls me Henson :)
Location: Glasgow
Years in Hobby: My dad has always kept fish, so all my life technically. Got my 1st "own" tank 4 years ago.
Current Tanks: 4 tanks at the time of writing this. Details are always up to date in my sig ;)
Current Planted Tanks: 3 Out of the 4 are planted. (100l not)
Non Plant related Fact: I love sports and play volleyball and hockey on local teams.
Pet Hate: Playing badly in a game of volleyball or hockey, or sporting injuries. Pain in the butt (sometimes, other times elsewhere :lol: )
Picture of yourself: This is me at vet ball with Brian, my lovely man ;)

Some details (what you do for a living): I'm a vet student at Glasgow University
Fish keeping history (what you have kept etc): Kept all sorts from what I have now, did the usual krib breeding (everyone goes through that phase at some point :p ), rams, severums, gouramis, all sorts - I can't even remember haha.
Pics + details of tank/tanks: As in my sig. No doubt journals or pictures will pop up on the forum from time to time :)
Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep): Get through uni and start earning a bit more money to think about bigger and better tanks! I'd love to do a marine tank one day, but so much to learn first, and this is the planted section! :p


Chatroom Moderator
Chatroom Moderator
Dec 3, 2011
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Cant beleive this is the first time i have seen this thread

Forum Name: Zikofski
Real Name: Andrew Rumsey
Location Surrey: UK
Years in Hobby: 2 Years 
Current Tanks: 330L Community Planted tank & 15L 3x 5ltr Bottles with custom filter
Current Planted Tanks: Both
Non Plant related Fact: Mad about Computers
Pet Hate: Walking slow
Picture of yourself

Some details (what you do for a living) 
Well i work in ICT fixing computer and networking
Fish keeping history (what you have kept etc)
i started of with a 23l tank with angel fish red tail shark and clown loaches yes i was a proper noobie haha, yes a few died then i learned about tanks and fish and i got an 88l till i could a ford a bigger tank now i have my 330L tank with 2 BN Pleco, 1 Angel Fish, 1 Red Tail Shark, 7 Green/Orange Laser Cory, 3 Clown Loach's, 11 Green Tiger Barbs, 9 False Julii Cory's, 11 Siamese algae eater and a shed load of plants
look at my sig for more details and a pic of the tank its not up to date but i have been to busy recently. but recently i have made a bottled style tank inline with a competition me and mike are doing, 3x 5ltr bottles running a custom made filter currently i have red cherry shimp lots of java moss, some crypts and vallis, and a flowering anubias, and as i found today i have baby shrimp i am so happy

Pics + details of tank/tanks.
my 330L tank the picture that won June ToTM

my Current Bottle tank il get a more recent picture this was a month ago

Dreams for the future (what you want to do or keep)
Hm to have a Huge 400L tank for just angel fish :D and have a few smaller tank for small fish and plants :D i love plants :D