Malawi Cichlids


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Jul 31, 2008
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Livestock: Malawi cihlids

Quantity for sale: 32 (roughly)
Reason for Sale: New job forces sale
Delivery or Collection: Collection only
Sales price: £60

Willing to Ship (Yes or No): no

Location: Surrey, UK
Photograph: (only have Full tank shots as my phone cant cope with individual moving fish) - il upload them if someone desperately wants to see!


For sale are all my malawis:

3 white labs
1 rusty
1 johanni
2 yellow labs
1 flavus
3 yellow tail acei
6 hongi
5 mpanga
9 white top afra hara
1 (something I don't know the name of!)

My new job forces me to sell them as I will not have time to look after them properly, they are all on the lower side of aggression (as I was new to keeping cichlids at the time) and will be excellent for a newbie or someone looking to bulk their tank out cheaply.

I am just coming to the end of an anti worming cycle as a precaution and also they have been treated with metronidazole.
fed on hikari staple and hikari gold, as well as high quality spirulina flake and tabs, plus live food.

i hope i have got the quantities right as its very difficult to count!

Thanks for looking
Due to a timewaster from another advert these are still available. £50 the lot

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