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Super Nova

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Oct 10, 2017
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Hello, so yeah I have a pretty big emergency.
My fish tank is leaking, very slowly in tiny amounts but it’s leaking and it is soon enough surely going to cause mould to grow everywhere. I need to change my tank and move my fish URGENTLY.. I can’t afford the time to wait for a tank to cycle again.. in all honesty I have no idea what to do and I’m scared that if I move my fish into a new tank they’ll die. I’m getting a new tank tomorrow, I’m going to move all the decorations and gravel from my old tank to the new one along with some of the old tanks ater, with the heater and I’ve read that keeping the same filter will also help? Please help me! I’m extremely scared!
Yes, use the present substrate (you can rinse this in a bucket of tank water if you like), and move the filter over (rinse the media in a bucket of tank water). |Any plants and décor can be moved without rinsing, they will have bacteria on them too.

The water is of no value, except if the parameters are significantly different. If the GH, Kh, pH and temperature of your tap water are close to those of the existing tank water, you are better using mainly fresh water. This will eliminate some ammonia and whatever from getting in the new tank. I would use a mix of maybe 1/3 existing tank water to 2/3 fresh,if parameters are similar.
I’ve read that keeping the same filter will also help?
Indeed it will

Sorry to hear about your tank leaking, Heres what you can do.

If you do not have anyplace to temporarily rehouse the fish and plants get a tub like this. They cost about $10 for a 70 liter one.

Fill the tub with the water from your fishtank.
Transfer the fish to the tub.
Put the heater in the tub along with an air stone, If you use a sponge filter in the tank use that.
Remove the plants. If you can do this after you fill the tub with tank water as it wont be dirty.
Remove the substrate, just put it in a bucket. At this stage I would give the gravel a bit of a rinse in dechlorinated or old tank water to remove any muck.

Remove the old tank.
Put new tank in its place.
Add substrate plants and half fill with dechlorinated tap water, top up with tank water from the tub and add fish.

Remember to put the heater and filter back in the tank.

You water will be a bit cloudy for a few days but as long as you keep an eye on the water parameters for a week or 2 it will be fine.

Ninjaed by Byron lol
Thanks so much.. that was really helpful, and helped calm me down. Thank you again!

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