Large Selection Of Tropical Fish Leicester


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Nov 6, 2012
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Hi guys,

I have just upgraded to Marine (sorry have been doing trops for 10 years and fancied a change), so I am a lot of tropical fish that I need to pass on to someone who will appreciate them. Didn't want to give to my LFS, as most of there tanks are dirty and have disease and I care more about the fish than they do!

5 Neon Tetra’s £5
2 Gold Barbs £3
1 Large Red Fin Shark £5
3 Large Angel Fish £15
1 Female Fighter £5
1 South Cory £4
1 Large Albino Cory £3
2 Silver Sharks £8
1 Banjo Catfish £4
1 Frog Leopard Plec cost (£40) £20
1 Dwarf Puffer £2
3 Tiger Barbs £6
2 Green Barbs £4
1 Octocinclus £1

Or the lot for £55

The whole lot cost me over £150, but understand I won’t get anywhere near that back. All are fat, healthy and disease free. Please message me back to let me know if you are interested. Collection from LE3 but can deliver around Leicester.

Many Thanks,


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