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  1. C

    Red Line Torpedoes, Silver Shark, Angel And Plants For Sale - Leiceste

    Hi guys,   Shutting down my tropical tank. I have for sale:   2 Red Line Torpedoe Barbs (4inch long) (Retail at £20 each) 1 Silver Shark (2.5 inch long) 1 Angel (2inch long) 3 Plants on bogwood 2 other plants planted into gravel   Collection from Leicester The whole lot is for sale at £35 (that...
  2. kylealastairlove

    Guppys/guppy Fry. Free To Good Home

    Livestock Age and condition: guppys have been kept for only a month and lots of new fry Quantity for sale: 3 (1 male, 2 female) and guppy fry if wanted Reason for Sale: belonged to my dad, although he wants to change his stock as the guppys are over running his tank  Delivery or Collection...
  3. bullit

    Shell Dwelles And Julie

    Livestock Neo calliurus Age and condition: Adults Quantity for sale: Breeding pair and spare male Reason for Sale: Closing Delivery or Collection: Sales price: £10 Location: Leicester Livestock Julie transcriptus Age and condition: 2 and half inch Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale...
  4. Colonials66

    Fish Stores Around Leicester Area?

    I'm looking to find some good stores to look into to add to my fish collection. Having just moved back to Leicester from Lincoln, I'd like to find some good places to go reasonably locally. I only really know of Friends in Soggy Homes and the local Pets at Home's. So if anyone can share some...
  5. C

    Large Selection Of Tropical Fish Leicester

    Hi guys, I have just upgraded to Marine (sorry have been doing trops for 10 years and fancied a change), so I am a lot of tropical fish that I need to pass on to someone who will appreciate them. Didn't want to give to my LFS, as most of there tanks are dirty and have disease and I care more...