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Lampeye Killifish Bully


Jan 31, 2012
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I have a problem with my lampeyes. There's a bit of a story so apologies in advance...

I had a few already, and a few months ago I bought some more, as I only had one of my original ones left - they were about 5 years old which I believe is a good age for a lampeye. A couple of days later a lot of the the new ones developed a fungus and died :( leaving me with 1 original male, who had always clearly been the dominant one, as well as four of the new ones, which were all male, and much smaller than the old one.

After a while, the old one died, presumably of old age as nothing seemed to be wrong otherwise. The new ones all suddenly put on a growth spurt and began chasing and flaring at each other, seemingly vying for dominance now that the old one had gone. One of them grew faster than the others and all settled down.

Over the last couple of weeks, this big one has been chasing the others and flaring. A lot. I noticed the other day that I was now down to 3, and could find no sign of the others. The bully then started chasing the rummynose tetras. I've been wondering for the last couple of weeks why the rummynoses have been hiding at the back of the tank where the plants are the thickest. This morning I found a dead lampeye. The bully was swimming all over the tank quite happily and the other remaining one was hiding in the water lettuce frankly looking terrified; fins clamped, fast breathing, and no lamp above his eye. The tetras were hiding at the back. I believe that the dead lampeye was probably stressed, and it dawned on me that the tetras must be hiding from the lampeye. There are 9 of them all hiding and they only come out to eat!

I think that I should try to get some more females. I can't think of any reason for this aggression other than that there are no females. I have tried to get only females before and ended up with more males, but I do appreciate how difficult it will be for the LFS to separate them. Is that the right thing to do?

Thanks in advance.
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