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  1. outofwater

    10g tank for dwarf gourami

    This was supposed to be a quarantine/planting tank, but plans went sideways when I realized that this dwarf gourami, Mr. Bluerami; was bullying my cories and pretty much all others on my 29g tank. My son grew attached to him, so returning him (it was a gift) or otherwise getting rid of him...
  2. Mollyforever

    Bully male molly

    I had three Mollies in my 20g tank. When i got them they were all female looking. But it turns out two of them is actually a male, and one male is in fact a platy. Then my female molly, Captain, got pregnant and the male molly Phoebo has been harassing her like CRAZY. He literally tries to mate...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Little Guy

    My tank has 4 orange(forget actual name lol) platies in it and one of them is much smaller than the rest, looking like he hadn't grown since I got him in August. The other platies would bully food away from him and I always felt bad for him. In the last week though, he has started to be super...
  4. jeidafei

    Isolated bully Platy not eating and staying very still

    I started keeping tropical livebearers in a tank around two months ago. I now have (some died) 4 guppies (1 female, 3 males), two balloon mollies (pair), two mickey platies (pair) and a yellow moon platy. Let's call him Yellow. Yellow is a big and pretty fellow, but I'm having trouble with him...
  5. A

    Tank Stocking Aggression Issues & Fish ID help?

    Hi All, Tried my hand at salt water fish a few years back and let's just say I'm better off here LOL! Any how, I've had my 29g Biocube running for about 2 months now (recycled from the saltwater experience) About a month ago I stopped at Petsmart and bought some cheap fish in case any died in...
  6. A

    HELP!! Catfish fighting?

    I have two sucking catfish in my 20 litre tank. One of the sucking catfish always seems to annoy the other by sucking on it or chasing it around. It makes my catfish ( the one getting bullied ) very stressed and I need a quick solution before it gets too stressed and dies. The grey one if the...
  7. A

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi guys, I'm new to fish, but want to learn all of the things haha Mistakes have been made so far, so I'm here to learn from them. Mr.Stripes and Pearl.....Rest In Peace. Struggles so far include, fish bullying, sick fish, and chemical spikes.... I have a 70Litres tank at the moment with the...
  8. Flubberlump

    Lampeye Killifish Bully

    I have a problem with my lampeyes. There's a bit of a story so apologies in advance... I had a few already, and a few months ago I bought some more, as I only had one of my original ones left - they were about 5 years old which I believe is a good age for a lampeye. A couple of days later a lot...
  9. LyraGuppi

    Poor Little Lapis D:

    One of my sorority girls, Lapis, is not in the best shape. :/ She's the smallest and I believe youngest out of the bunch (She's probably a juvi), and on top of all that the most recent. She's a inch long, with mustard gas coloration.   She isn't lethargic, she eats well, and isn't fin rotting...