Kitchen-Chemistry & 3Chem Ammonia Solution

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Jul 16, 2013
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Oxfordshire, UK
Online retailer -  
kitchen-chemistry (eBay retailer)
Summary -
kitchen-chemistry is a eBay retailer that is based in the UK and have been doing business since 2005.
They sell a range of products such as ammonia, dechlorinaters and treatments etc
Product -    3Chem 35% Ammonia Solution
Summary -
Concentrated Aquarium Ammonia for Fishless Cycling
Uses High Strength of 35%
33ml Bottle
How long have you owned this product? -
Have used this product, 3Chem 35% Ammonia Solution for over 2 years, am now on second bottle of this from the same retailer.
Have used this Ammonia Solution to cycle at least 5 tanks of various sizes and differing set ups, have not come across any issues at all in cycling tanks.
Pros -
  • Very easy to use as has a dropper nozzle on bottle (as long as remember to include 35% when using calculator for dosages)
  • 35% ammonium strength, means small 33ml bottle lasts a long time since little is needed for each dosage
  • 5ml measuring vial included that can be sealed, measures in 1ml increments
Cons -
  • A more accurate measuring device would be nice to include  (I use a 1ml syringe with 0.1ml increments which is much easier to get accurate dosages)
Experience with supplier -
Have only used their 3Chem 35% Ammonia Solution which was bought online, have not contacted them directly.
Customer Service -
Very easy to purchase as is through eBay and paid via PayPal (there are other methods of payment preferences)
Soon as order was made, got an confirmation of order via email and text message.
And got tracking number to follow my parcel.
Delivery was stated to be 4 - 5 days, however I got the delivery in 3 days.
Parcel was very well sealed and in an suitable sized box to make for ease of delivery, bottle was sealed seperately also.
Very efficient service and not had any issues.
Also the supplier recommends this forum to research into cycling.
Rating -
kitchen-chemistry online retailer
  • Would recommend :nod:
3Chem 35% Ammonia Solution
  • Would recommend :nod:

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