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  1. sn0wlvlan

    Help! New Walstad, High Ammonia & Nitrates!

    I've recently setup a new 24gallon Walstad tank. Day 3 and 4 in, I'm seeing high ammonia and nitrate values. Daily water changes, but still high. Your valuable opinions are appreciated! Details below: DIRT: 0.5 - 1 inch (normal garden soil with no fertilizer and removed organic matters, mixed...
  2. Angeltold

    Process of removing Ammonia

    Hi there! Im not exactly a beginner, but I just figured out this ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and PH stuff, and starting to understand it. So! The reason I’m in this thread is because my tank is showing traces of ammonia. This last test was a 0.25, which is lower than last time by at least .1. I...
  3. Kyanite14

    Stuck at .25?

    Hey guys, I’ve got a planted community tank that I started about 3 months ago. I had done a fish in cycle with 2 danios, and used a filter cartridge I had left at a pet stores established tank for a week. The ammonia readings after adding the cartridge were a constant 0, so I started to add my...
  4. Emilee Maphui

    How to help a fish recover from jumping out of the tank?

    Last night, on New Years Eve, my filter of a few years stopped working. It was too late to get a new filter as most things closed down by then. I did a partial water change and hoped for the best. When I woke up at 2 am, the two fish inhabiting the tank, two 4 year old albino corydora catfish...
  5. O

    my betta is lethargic i think

    he just sits in one of these positions since i did a water change 2 days ago. and i also think he has swim bladder but he won’t eat the daphnia i give him. I’ve been feeding him 4 pellets once every 4 days but no improvement.
  6. FrezhFinz

    Came home from work to a dead fishy :(

    I had three tiger barbs in my ten gallon one of them was trying to become alpha it seems and was attacking one of the other tiger barbs so I removed the aggressive tiger barb and put him in another tank and then the next day I come home from work and the fish that was attacked by the aggressive...
  7. V

    Are these good results for almost 2 weeks into cycling?

    Ammonia used to be at like 1 but now it's back to nothing. Maybe because I've been a little sloppy and forgetful with adding it. I added more after these results.
  8. Sparklehoofs

    At my wits end with this cycle? Desperately need advice please.

    Hi, I am cycling my sump for my Betta rack system. I am using the API Freshwater Kit. I shake the living daylights out of all the bottles before use to avoid the crystallisation. I have cycled 5 tanks previous to this with the fish food method and had no issues whatsoever. This time I decided...
  9. SRbettas

    Setting up first dirted tank, so many questions

    Hi all it’s been a while but I’m glad to be back. Anyway as the title says I am setting up my first dirted tank and have a couple questions. Firstly, how do I know which soil is safe, I’ve heard organic topsoil is best but I’m scared I’m going to put something toxic in my tank? I’m also very...
  10. M

    Lowering Ammonia levels in tank with ADFs and cory catfish...

    Hi, I have a tank with 2 ADF and 3 albino cory catfish. The ammonia level is at 0.50ppm the nitrates are at 5.0ppm, the nitrite is at 0ppm, ph is at 7.2 and high range ph is at 7.4. I've been doing a partial water change about every 2 or 3 days the last week and usually use some seachem prime...
  11. S

    Ammonia in freshly filled tank?

    Hi, I had just setup new tank. Substrate is 50/50 mix of sand and eco sand (coral sand substitute) washed thoroughly, some dragon rocks, spider root, couple of plants ( glued to the hardscape with super glue). Filter media is pumice ( Saechem Matrix). I had filled it yesterday, turned on the...
  12. gabrielgalhano

    High ammonia - what else to do?

    Hi everyone! After all the trouble I've been trough with my tank, when I finally thought it was all going to be okay for a while, this happened in my 120L tank and I've run out of ideas of what I can do to solve it. I had a read of 5 ppm (probably more) of ammonia so I instantly searched in the...
  13. S

    Never ending ammonia issue

    Problem is we keep getting ammonia spikes, we changed water daily and it went good now it’s back to crap. Today the worst it’s been since sitting at 4. Question is I currently have the fish in a 100L tank. But I also have a spare 25L tank. Should I start cycling this tank, if so how long before...
  14. S

    Ammonia spikes with new sand - please help!

    I need some help from smarter people than I. I have a 29-gallon tank that I recently took all the gravel out of and put Caribsea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand (dry) into. I read both options of rinsing and not rinsing but determined that rinsing was the better option after some research. I...
  15. T

    Nitrites not growing

    So been cycling my new 14gal about 13 days now pH is a little high but i will sort that out later its over the needed amount to be ammonia. The problem is my nitrite is sitting at between .25 and .5 and doesn't seem to be growing or delevoping. Not sure if maybe i'm worrying a bit too much...
  16. tubeteeth

    I need help. Huge ammonia spike, won't go down.

    I have been trying to cycle this 10gal tank for 4 months now. I put in fish food once, and it had a massive ammonia spike over the chart reading and it won't go down. I've been doing daily 50% water changes for a month now and there is no change. Algae is growing, my plants are doing fine, but...
  17. F

    High ammonia and aggressive platy

    Hi. I am relatively new to tropical fish (<4 months) and finding it a steep learning curve. I have a small tank (60litres) with 3 Platies (male and 2 females), 3 Guppies (same), 5 Tetras and some ottos and shrimps. I planted 5 plants and then introduced the tetras after about 3 weeks, guppies...
  18. S

    No nitrates are present anymore.

    Hi all. I've being doing a fishless cycle with my 19L tank. The cycle has been doing really well and recently I finally started having Nitrites and Nitrates showing up. I kept at it for a while as the Ammonia wasn't going down at all.y Nitrates ammonia and Nitrites were well over what the test...
  19. crupp29

    Unusual Testing Results

    I have a planted 10 gallon tank that I have been trying to cycle for over a week now. At first I was adding beneficial bacteria to the tank, but then I got a hold of filter media from an established tank. Before I put the media in the filter, my ammonia was at about 2ppm from dosing a small...
  20. M

    Question about AMMONIA, NITRITE, NITRATE

    Hey guys this is my second post and since I received so much help regarding my questions on my first post I want to, once again, come here and ask a question. So I have had my tank for over 3 weeks now with fish in it (was established prior to putting fish in through a fishless cycle with Fritz...