Kenya Tree Coral

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Sep 19, 2005
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Northern BC, Canada
Common name(s): Colt Coral, Cathedral Coral, Pussey Coral, Soft Coral

Scientific name: Capnella sp.

Family: Neptheidae

Location: Indo-Pacific

Temperament: Docile, but can overgrow others

Tank Placement: All levels

Water Flow: Low to moderate

Light: Medium-low to high

Care: Kenya trees are very hardy and an excellent beginner coral. They will reportedly survive under NO fluorescent but VHO-PC are recommended. They are best placed in a quiet area of the tank, and will expand much better under low flow.

When stressed acutely, or simply as part of a weekly cycle, they will close up (not fully) and turn a greyish-purply colour. They will remain this way for several days, then throw off a layer of mucous and become good as new.

Feeding: I have never fed my Kenya trees and do not plan to. In the absense of very strong lighting they should be fed phytoplankton, marine snow, or a similar food. In high lighting will get on fine with leftover fish foods and stirred up debris.

Propagation: Very easy. Take a pair of scissors or a razor blade and trim away, then glue or tie pieces (with a rubber band or fishing line) to rocks. Attaches in a few days, leave on for a week for best attachment. Ease of propagation results largely from rough texture and hardiness, and all my Kenya trees are captive bred frags. It is interesting to watch the transformation from "frag" to "colony".

A very beautiful coral in my opinion; one of my favourites. Not as toxic as most other soft corals, and can be combined easily with hard corals.


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