Keeping corries with puffers?

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Jul 31, 2004
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The Netherlands/UK
I was just wondering ... I know you can keep ottos with them. Mind you, I'm talking about dwarf puffers, no brackish water puffers. Seeing as we got this big tank, which there will hopefully be puffers in soon ... and I just thought corries would look really nice in with them (the smaller staying corries)

Some opinions would be nice
i really wouldn't recommend it. dp's can be the most nippy of the puffers, despite their size. while they wouldn't most likely kill the cories, the stress from the nipping could be detrimental to the cories health. dps tend to bother fish that are very active, like cories, and may therefore go after them. though mine went after my plec, who never moved the three days he was in tehre. you could try it out, but be ready to take the cories out to treat for nipped fins or to return them. it may turn out your dp's leave them alone, they may kill them through all the stress. its a trial and errror situation, and if youre not comfortable with that thought, skip on the cories..................
No, that being the case ... I'm not gonna put the animals through the stress of being moved from one place to another, being chased for a couple of days and then being moved again ... thanks anyway! =) I'll just stick with ottos then :nod:
Cories & Dwarf Puffers.

We tried this early on before we knew better, it wasn't succesfull. The poor ragged Cories are now in a different tank.

We won't try that again.

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