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January 2014 - Fish Of The Month Entries

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9murphy9 said:
Heres my jewel cichlid ,ill follow up with a confirmation in half an hour or so
That's a helluva long half-hour, Murphy. ;) Your entry will not be included without the confirmation. :good:
Well, you know how shy cichlids can be.
eaglesaquarium said:
Well, you know how shy cichlids can be.
How about putting a worm on a hook and dangling it into the tank with your camera at the ready? :p
Ops mustnt have posted right apoligies formthe dim lighting


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I have decided to change my picture from my female kribensis to my make kribensis the photo of the male can be found here

And verification is here


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The krib is not in the verification shot.
Oh sorry I thought it was just the tank that they were in I did not realise that you needed the kribensis in the picture as well I have added a photo with the kribensis in to this post from Tom
He is hiding but you can match the tail spots up from Tom


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He's there somewhere.. He's actually behind the log to the right of the paper, his tail sticking out but yes I cannot get round to the back.
Getting a verification of a pleco is like trying to get blood from a stone. Amazed I managed to take the photo.
Oh yes, I got a new camera!
Nikon D5200, well chuffed.
Plenty more to come!
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