Is it possible for a fish to get rid of bloat/dropsy

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Apr 13, 2020
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United states
Hey, so I have had a Senegal bichir for almost a year and around the beginning of this pandemic he started to really swell up like bloat/dropsy and I’ve already come to terms with this with another one of my guppies (in a separate tank of course) died mid pregnancy. I thought the worst and was just going to give him the best life that I could because I couldn’t bare to put him down myself (he was at the point of protruding scales) he was still eating and interacting with the other fish in the tank and doing is normal stuff around the tank so I thought he was happy and let him die naturally. However I looked into the tank to do my nightly feedings and he looked close to half the size that he was and I was shocked. Is it possible that the bichir could have beat whatever problem that he had because of good water quality and the right diet?

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