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Feb 25, 2021
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As a kid back in the 70s my folks had a aquarium which got me started. My first tank was a guppy tank, then got a 40 gallon salt water tank. Yes, we didn’t understand the nitrogen cycle so did pretty much everything wrong back then. I shutdown my tanks when I moved to tx for high school. Finally started up again about 15 years ago with my current 75 gallon which has continuously evolved. It currently has a fluval fx4 filter, LED lights (LED bar, Keasil A80, and back lights), HOG 2x algae scrubber, Cobalt neo-therm 300W heater, small water jet. The tank is open topped.
The Kessil A80 and surface agitation from the water jet provide a nice shimmer.
The tank is heavily planted and has a diminishing population of Malaysian trumpet snails thanks to an increasing population on assassin snails, a panda Cory cat, a mating pair and 4 juvenile twig catfish, ~30 cardinal tetras, 4 gold neons, 1 blue neon, 8 Lemmon tetras, 9 rainbow tetras, 1 white tetra, and an O-cat that is spotted about once a week.
During the rolling blackouts of the winter storm the tank temperature dropped from 78F to 68F and my 6 penguin tetras jumped out of the tank. I added my 300W backup heater and that raised the temperature to about 74F before the blackouts ended. Lesson learned...
I’ve recently set up a 20 gallon tank to try to raise the farlowella fry. This tank has LED light bar, sponge filter, and a couple of cheap small heaters.
Water is from a well, a little on the hard side. I’m going to start topping off the tank with RO to see if I can lower the pH.


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May 8, 2019
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Lawrenceburg, KY
Hello and welcome to the forum! :hi:

Would love to see photos of your tank(s).


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