im confussed!

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Aug 5, 2004
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alright, i just got my water test kit today. i tested everything my pH is at 7.0 my ammonia is at .25 and my nitrite is at 0. but i have no idea if this is good or bad. but this is my new tank. i dont hvae the filter on there yet. its been filled about a week ago and i put some gravel, 1 rock and a fake plant in there from my old established tank. so am i good or not. and if not what in the world do i have to do. i plan on getting some real plants here in the next few days or so. so just let me know please.
oh no. i just havent gotten the filter yet. i bought it off ebay about 3 days ago, it should be here sometime next week. it does about 350 gallons an hour it said. its a canister one i think the name brand started with an E...something like eheim? i dont know

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