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I'm BACK!!!

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May 3, 2019
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Pennsylvania backwoods
Hey guys!

Long time no chat. Its been a rough couple of years since I've been active on here. But I am back now. Just to give yall a life update. I moved out, went to school, got married, joined the army, left the army and am now back in school working towards an associate degree. I also got on some much needed medications which have pretty much given me my life back. Now that my life is not lying in bed staring at the ceiling and sitting on the couch in sweat pants with a blanket crying, I am DETERMINED to get myself back into fishkeeping. At the moment I have a 10 gallon planted aquarium, walstad tank and I am prepping it for some new inhabitents. Not sure what I want but I am loving not being an absolute wreck anymore. I can't wait to have fun again and enjoy my fish! Plus I am going to be moving into a bigger house in December and maybe I'll get a 20+ gallon!


I am glad to be back!

Let me know what I should do for my 10 gallon in the comments
Erin lives! So good to have you back, and even better to hear that things are finally looking up for you.

Welcome back! I also got married ❤️ been a crazy couple years it sounds like!
I got married too!
(but it was 20 years ago, so maybe that isn't quite as exciting)
Welcome back!! Glad to hear things are going better it sounds like!!
What about sparkling gouramis?
That would be a great choice, if you have very soft water. In my experience, they don't like hard water one bit.

Doing a water work up now! I am leaning towards doing the guppies. My cousin is moving in with us so I have to put the tank on hold for a couple of weeks. But after she gets settled I’ll start

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