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I'm A Shrimp Mommy!

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Good for you! Make sure no other fish get to him, as many fish see them as food.
I thought it was a duck weed stem stuck to my sponge filter but then it started walking and I squealed! I'd been waiting so long! was almost starting to think they were never gonna have babies! I'd seen plenty of berried girls but never any babies
Great news, congrats!
I bought 34 shrimp (4 from one guy, 30 from another) and in the past week I can only find ONE.  I think I need more than that to become a shrimp mommie. 
Congratz! I sat around watching my first pregnant mother releasing her babies from her underside one evening when I was supposed to be going to class. They're near impossible to see with the human eye!
Out of 30 shrimps there's a good chance you've got a few males in there, which would lead to babies. Sometimes when you only get a handful of them, you'll pick out the reddest of the red shrimp and those will only be females. But perhaps they're hiding because of other fish in the tank? Bettas? Gourami? When I transferred my gourami out of my 15g all of the shrimps started hanging out in the water more. Though I do have some shrimps in my 30g, sometimes they'll be swimming out in the open.
just a couple guppies in with them I see my adults all the time but only saw this one teeny baby, a couple days in a row, but hey it's progress!

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