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  1. V

    Is she big enough to not get eaten or should I put her in the net?

    My platies had babies, idk if I want to keep them all but this is definitely one, I want to keep. Should I throw her in the breeder net for safety? I do have places for them to hide but despite this the fry are out in the open a lot. I would like her to free roam, so it doesn't slow her growth...
  2. K

    Help! Is my platy pregnant!

    I recently got an aquariam and bought some platy to go in it, we also have tetra, a fighting fish and some gouramis. We got 5 platys and when we got home we noticed that 3 of them looked bigger. This was about 2 week ago now and they have grown massively. I cannot seem to see the black mark that...
  3. BlueSarcasm

    Baby fish?!?!

    i just bought fish yesterday and when I woke up this morning there were 7 little fish swimming away from my betta (for obvious reasons) I'm not sure where these fish came from or what kind of fish they are, one day is certainly not enough time for eggs to hatch. Can anyone tell me why? Also, I...
  4. BelldandyShanny

    I'm A Shrimp Mommy!

    I just saw my first baby shrimp! I'm so happy!