I Hate Big Buisness...

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Jun 25, 2004
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Maine, USA
Okay, I went into a LFS yesterday called "Pet Quarters" I think they're only located here in Maine, but they have tons of locations. Well anyway, I went in to get some live plants and some driftwood and decided to check out the fish they had. I went into the fish section and started to browse. As I walked along, I notced a label on the tank that said "Archer Fish, $10.99" I looked in and saw the little guy, but he was pretty much all black with little silver colorings. Thats when I got pissed! I noticed he was in a tank with FRESHWATER and there was some baby Red Devils. :eek: Yeah... So I went on and saw a tank of Figure 8's. I looked in to see that they were also in FRESHWATER and they were adults, so they were supposed to be in brackish because when they are young they are in fresh. :no: And many of them were dead in the tank. :-( Yeah so, I'm pretty mad...
It's always frustrating when you find a LFS that's misinformed about their fish. It's even more frustrating when they're not misinformed, but they just don't care. If they won't listen to you when you (politely) try to correct them, it's usually best to find another LFS that takes better care of their fish. It's also good to write the front office, kindly explaining your beef with their chain.
No, because I had to leave when I saw them, but I will be sure to ask them about it next time I go. As for the puffers, they think that they are freshwater not, brackish. I bought one from them (stupidly) before when I had no knowledge of them. they told me the Figure 8 would be okay in a freshwater enviroment. -_-
Well, I'm going to. Like I said, I had to leave after I saw it. Next time I go i'm definately asking about it. :/
One of our LFSs has had a freshwater puffer in a community brackish tank for weeks.. (t. cochchinchinensis)

despite his colour getting darker & darker showing his stress...

despite him taking huge chunks out of the scats & knight gobies that he shares the tank with, and...

despite us telling them three times that he's a freshwater puffer & needs to be kept in a species tank.
Yeah. You should have bought him, Sir!

Yet another to add to your tanks!

If you had to set one up - get them to reserve it!

Oh well. Bad lfs.
Puffer_freak said:
Yeah. You should have bought him, Sir!

Yet another to add to your tanks!
I did.

but then they replaced him with another of the same.

Supply-and-demand in action I guess.

He's happy now in his freshwater tank ripping mussels apart instead of scats.
Puffer_freak said:
How big is he?
About three and a half inches. He's added half an inch in the three weeks we've had him. Poor starved little guy. No wonder he was trying to eat those scats.

We've named him Archie (target puffer->target->archery->Archie)

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