I got new pishies!!!

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Feb 19, 2003
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Ft.Worth TX
and no...they're not bettas :p

They're compressiceps!! My all time favorite cichlid, although I think they might be calvus, either way works for me :thumbs: I was so excited to see them at the shop :hyper:

I only got 3 and they're so very bite sized that they can't go in with my frontosa yet,so they're living with my angel in the 42.

"What? wuv is keeping Africans with New Worlds :eek: "

Yes,but only for awhile. The water is the same in both tanks so they'll be fine :)

Aren't they cute?! I'll get better pics later, I released them and they disappeared into the rockwork :X


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I think I love you & you & you :wub:


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Thanks guys! I'm pleased :wub:

Here's 2,of course they WOULD hang out in the only spot that I didn't do glass cleaning :rolleyes:


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Actually,they do. Dwarf A.compressiceps are some of my favorites,but they're hard to come by. These are about an inch and a half. They're extremely slow growers so they'll probably be in the 42 for a while.

All I know is...my angel better be nice *fist shaking smilie*
But according to my new lfs...it's the angel who should worry :shifty:
Very nice wuv - just keep an eye out for the angel. Even tho they're slow growers they have a voracious appetite :rolleyes:
Gotcha ;)

I saw the angel kind of lurk towards one a little while ago, but the little bitty thing just turned and wagged it's body sideways in a traditional compressiceps fashion like he was saying "Oh no you don't,buddy!"

weee! I'm so excited to have them :hyper: I had one awhile back who I adored,she was the best fish ever but then we had a terrible chloramine accident and well...let's just say I was heartbroken and I still am when I think about her ( :wub: )

New fish for me!!! yaaaay! It's been so long since I got anything that wasn't a betta :rolleyes: But...I got a new betta while I was there too :*) What on Earth is wrong with me? :X
I've only had one other before,Danio. And like I said...I killed her :/ I plan to see these wee little babies grow into big beautiful fish,I'll keep everybody updated :thumbs:
:wub: Aren't they ADORABLE!??? Congratulations, Kelly! :D

I agree. It's the angel who should probably watch his manners. :p

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