I Got Eggs!

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Fish Crazy
Mar 17, 2006
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Sacramento CA
I just came home and found exactly 39 corydora eggs on the glass of the tank! I would post pics but I cant get any good ones :) Anyway I took the cories out of the tank so all thats in therre are the eggs. BTW they are peppered cories!
Hi Tylerman :)

Congratulations and good luck with them! I hope they hatch for you. :nod:

Did you have them in a breeding tank to begin with, or did you empty out your big tank? :unsure:
The cories were in a 10gal all by themselves :hey:

So this happy event was planned! :wub:

I'm glad they came through with eggs for you. Please keep us all informed of their progress. :D

Well the eggs havent grown or hatched or anything so ya not much to inform everyone about.But I will tell you guys when something important happens :good:

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