Multiple corydoras - what now

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Sep 7, 2021
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Czech republic
So, a person was getting rid of their fish, and they said they have a sterbai, and hey, I have a sterbai, so I said I would take it. Guess what, it is not a sterbai. It is a monster fat egg ladden pepper corydoras, that is no kidding 8cm at least. All my sterbai are 5cm max, they look like her babies.

Now the question is. The fish is obviously in quarantine. Do I offer it to someone who has pepper corydoras, do I add it to my 360liter tank, which has 13 sterbai corydoras, some kuhli loaches and bolivian rams on the bottom, but sits at 25 degrees.
I know mixing species doesnt work, so I am guessing the fish will be better with its own kind, but another move will stress her.

I dont have any other options right?


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If you know someone who has peppered, give it to them. Otherwise give it to a shop or add it to your group of Sterbai. Being with other Corydoras, even a different species, is better than being alone.
See how they act in the tank. No it's not ideal to mix cory species, but I think a lot of us have seen them co-mingle well enough.
I'd give it to someone else having Peppered. The tempneeds of Sterbai and Paleatus are quite different.

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