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How much to feed young gourami?


May 16, 2019
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I'm fairly new to keeping gouramis, honey gouramis to be exact. The reason I say fairly new is because my first one I got had a birth defect and couldn't eat any of the food I put in the tank. He died just the other day. Now I have a new one that is eating really well but I wanted to know how much I should feed him.
I have hikari micro pellets and omega one kelp flakes that I feed twice a day (I give a mixture of both).
I keep him with eight other fish that go crazy for the food so I always have to make sure he gets food. I just wanted to know how much food he actually needs to eat. He is still pretty young, probably only 3/4-1 inch long.
I also feed some freeze dried bloodworms twice a week. How much of those should he eat? I heard they can mess up a gourami's digestion. Is that true? Sorry for all the questions!