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Jun 5, 2003
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As you know i have the kribs in my 29 gal and was trying to introduce my small con. Well today i was sitting at the comp and looked over to the tank and saw something that looked like debris around the male. When i looked closer it was 3 wriglers. I don't see any others. It took them maybe 7 days to find 3 caves and, lay eggs, and have wriglers. I still don't know where they layed the eggs. So i have been grounding up pieces of flake food to feed them a few times a day. I hope they are getting it, i have 6 prist. tetras and the blue gourami in with them.

I want to move the kribs to a 10 gal so i can put my deppii and con in the 29. I am having a hard time finding info on my deppii, so i'm not sure how big he will get. Any ideas? He is about 4" now and i've had him for about 8 months. TIA!!!!


As far as I know, Herichthys deppii will only get about 4-5". I have never had one before and have never heard of anyone having one before either.

I don't know any more info other than that as I just remember reading about them years ago and that's all I could remember.

I hope that helps. :)

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