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Help with Amazon puffer

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Feb 23, 2023
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I have 2 amazon puffers in a 75 gallon with about 15-20 mix of peacocks yellow labs And 6 multis .. they seem to be doing good. I know they are a schooling fish how many should i keep together ? also I noticed yesterday on one the the faces looks like a growth not to sure I attached a picture Ty!


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SAPs are a really great fish to keep but keeping them with Rift Lake Cichlids is not really fair on them. They have totally different water requirements - SAPs need soft, acidic water, Rift Lake Cichlids need hard, alkaline water meaning they are incompatible on a basic level.

SAPs are not territorial or really aggressive in the same ways Cichlids are but they do have a beak and they will stand up for themselves so when the fights happen they will just take chunks out of your Peacocks.

The fish in your picture is very skinny and likely has some kind of parasite - which is pretty common in puffers when you first get them in from importers/wholesalers - I would expect any decent stores to quarantine and medicate a fish in this condition before it is put up for sale. I'm not sure what the fuzzy growths are on its face but I'd assume not good...

Please do a bit more research on the fish you choose to keep before making decisions like this, I'm far from the most conservative when it comes to combinations and mixes but this really is an inhumane way to keep these fish.

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