Help!! Glofish with ich and now fin rot?


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Jul 25, 2020
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I’m new to the fish keeping hobby and this past week has been pretty stressful :( About 6 days ago I noticed that my glofish tetra had a couple of white spots growing on her fin. I did research and came to the conclusion that this was in fact ich. I went to the pet store and purchased super ick plus and begin to treat the water by following the instructions. At first the medication was working (I also removed carbon from filter) and I was pretty optimistic about it. However more spots began to return so I did a 50% water change and continued to medicate (3rd time treating w/ medication) and no luck yet. So, I purchased an adjustable heater and I am slowly beginning to raise the temp of the water and it is now at 84 degrees. I realize now that I should’ve done heat and salt treatments before trying medication. Definitely a rookie mistake. My fish are still eating well but now their fins appear to be tearing... I’m so confused on what to do now. Do I treat for fin rot? Should I continue the ich medication? Or should I resort to heat and salt? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Feb 25, 2009
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The fin issue is most lkely part of the ich, I have seen this. Do a massive water change (75-80% to get rid of the chemical), and use it to also raise the temperature a few degrees (3-4 C, 4-5F degrees should be OK) and adjust the heater to increase the temp up to 86F/30C, a bit above is fine, but no less. Maintain this temp for two weeks. Ensure good surface disturbance to allow the warmer water to contain enough oxygen.

Salt is for most fish much safer than any of the so-called ich remedies which can do nothing or kill fish, depending which. But heat usually deals with ich, and it is safe for most tropicals (certainly Glofish).

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