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    Please help, unexplained fish deaths!

    Hi, Thank you so much for taking the time to read it, I am very worried about more of my fish dying/my fish suffering or living an unhappy life in their home! I haven't joined a forum on keeping fish before so I am new to this, hope I include everything needed! I have listed all information...
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    Help!! Glofish with ich and now fin rot?

    Hi, I’m new to the fish keeping hobby and this past week has been pretty stressful :( About 6 days ago I noticed that my glofish tetra had a couple of white spots growing on her fin. I did research and came to the conclusion that this was in fact ich. I went to the pet store and purchased super...
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    Help, Confusion About Treating Ich

    Hello, I am new to the aquatic world and just got my first fish last Saturday: 1 betta and 5 tiger barbs (I've read that the tiger barbs can be aggressive towards bettas, but they were housed together at the pet shop and I haven't had any issues with them). Because of limited transportation (I...