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Aug 22, 2004
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Bedfordshire, England
Im just dropping into say hi :*)
Im a newbie to this site, but i have been keeping fish for about 8 years. My name is Tommy and i am (nearly) 15 years old.
I currently have only 1 tank, a 20 gallon with 3 harlequins, 2 flying fox, 1 (common) plec, and an albino corydoras. I am planning to re-expand, as i lost interest in my fish a couple of years ago and stopped buying new ones.
It is good to know that i can come here for advice or help.
Hello mate, welcome to the forum ;)

Like Cat said, any questions just ask away ;)
Don't worry mate, I aint got a clue either :*)

Ahhh well, someone on here will know ;)
Hi Tommy and :hi: to the forum.

I hope you have a very enjoyable stay!
Thanks actually i do have a question (although its kind of a stupid one)Could someone tell me how to put a picture in my signature? 

Its not a stupid question :fun: I struggled with that one when I first joined. (MOD: Perhaps it could be Pinned to help newbie's)

Anyway I was told to go to Photobucket and register with them. Then upload your picture to your album, underneath your picture on photobucket you will see your URL, copy and paste this and your picture will appear. You can also use this for putting a picture into a message aswell, copy and paste into the IMG and hey presto! :fun:

Hope this makes sense - give it a try, you'll get there. (if i did anyone can)

Oh and by the way Welcome and enjoy. :D :p :cool:

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