Guys. Need help here. Angelfish all of a sudden developed a sore spot.

Dwarf gouramis carry TB and the Iridovirus. The virus takes about a weak to kill the fish but Fish TB can cause organ failure and the fish is fine until that happens, then dies overnight. It could also have been something else besides TB but I try to avoid dwarf gouramis (Colisa lalius) and all their colour forms because of their health issues.

We had multiple Honey and Dwarf. All died. One Honey lost all its fins, the other had hole in head. Can't remember what got the other Honey and Dwarfs. I'm down to Tetras and my Pleco now. I love Tetra's and plan on just sticking to them. Once I can get this tank to a spot I feel is good to go, I may get a couple Angels again since my wife an I both really like them. After I get through the worm treatments, I'm moving to the Blue/Green algae then we'll see.

I'm really hoping TB isn't in the tank since my understanding is it will always be there. I pull unhealthy fish as soon as I see it and quarantine or euthanize if it looks really bad. What has led me away from TB is how long I've had most of the fish and not seeing how they could survive that long with it. I'm still thinking this is residual from how bad the old water was.
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