Gravid Spot

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Aug 9, 2004
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Hi Guys,

I am new at all this. I have a question. Why does the gravid spot be visible, then at night, gone, and this morning, back again but only on one side of the fish?

I asummed my guppy was pregnant, but when it disappeared, I thought she had them, but it is back!!

Help! :unsure:
female livebeaering fish almost always have a gravid spot, so thats kinda a bad way to tell if shes prego. in the morning wen u turn on the lights u will notice her spot has become clear but after a while it will get dark again, it has sumthin to do with the babys im sure. i wish i could have a better explaination but thats all i know. i hope i helped a lil

gl :thumbs: :D

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