Gourami, Tiger Barbs, Bala Sharks

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Fish Crazy
Jun 2, 2004
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Montreal, Canada
This is perhaps the oddest setup I have seen, and since I'm not 100% familiar with gouramis, I thought I'd ask a few questions.

My friend has 3 Bala Sharks, 3 Tiger Barbs, and 3 Gouramis. The gouramis have a lot of hiding spaces (One each, which they use.) and he recently lost 2 Tiger Barbs (We're assuming to fighting between the tigers at the moment, and arranges are being made/considered for the remaining 3, since that school is too small.)

So, he has this beautiful large Pearl Gourami.. perhaps 4 inches long, and an absolute beauty. (He has Opa... something or others. Words too long for me to spell.)

Anyway, this little sucker already owns the tank. He tolerates the other two Gourami, but they tend to stay near each other and play together nicely. But this Pearl monster decided to teach the Balas and the Tigers a thing or two, and they now give him, and the other gouramis, a wide berth.

Will this setup work? Currently, it is a 33 gallon, being upgraded to a 70 or a 90 gallon (and that 33 gallon will be MINE. MWHAHAAHA)

I dunno how long it'll be before the 70-90, but my friend is currently looking for the new tank now... doing shopping.

33 gallon tank will be miinee. *has visions of a girl betta community tank...* *_*
well in my experiances with sharks and barbs iv found they can be a bit nippy but it sounds like ur gourami has that taken care of. u may need a bigger tank but the one their in now will be ok for a while.

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