Ghost shrimp - the solution to pest snails?!?

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May 15, 2023
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So this isn't a proven method but it works for me, in my 5 gallon planted tank.

So I got some duckweed about 2 months ago, and it came with a couple ramshorn and bladder snails. They weren't babies but not full grown. I put them in my 5 gallon planted with a Betta that passed away and about 6-8 ghost shrimp. The snails matured within a month, and I was expecting them to reproduce like crazy, but they didn't. Water parameters are Ammonia-0, nitrite-0 nitrate-5, and my ghost shrimp are berried and happy, and the tank is fully cycled, so WHY weren't they breeding?! So I got 3 more bladder snails, a little smaller than my pinkie nail. Again, no eggs OR babies. So I put 3 bladder snails, a big one and 2 small ones and put them in a little container. Same plants, gravel, and water, just a smaller tank. Just snails. And after 2 days they laid eggs! 2 days!

I put them back in the 5 gallon tank...and no eggs. It's not that they are unhappy, they are all over the tank exploring, so maybe the ghost shrimp are actually eating the snail eggs! My colored shrimp in another tank aren't eating the snail eggs, so I think it's just the ghost shrimp that enjoy pest snail eggs!

So, if you have pest snails and don't want more snails, or are having a pest snail explosion, add about 1-3 ghost shrimp per gallon of water, and hopefully it will work for you like it works for me! I find ghost shrimp at any pet store, and it's something like 50 cents for 10 ghosts shrimp. Again this is not an official method, just one that I found has worked in my tank.

And thanks for listening to my rant if you make it this far :p
Man fishkeeping so much more affordable in the usa.
I just bought eight ghost shrimp because they were on sale for $2.50 each.
Neo caridina of any colour start at $5-8 per shrimp, here in Sydney
I think it might be more that the ghost shrimp outcompete the snails for food.

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