Freshwater Bladder Snail Jar Log (1 Gal, no filter)

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Oh I just remembered I actually have an ecosphere on my window! I will try and get a photo! I have ramshorns in there.

Hey everyone. Here is a 2 month update on the snail jar.

Was hoping some of the java moss would come back but its just decaying instead, which is fine. More food for the bladders :) Rest of the plants are doing great, even with colder temps everything else is still alive. I think the natural sunlight from the window is helping a lot.

So far I’ve observed one new generation of snails. Hoping for more. Haven’t changed the water or taken the lid off since I started and just today gave it a smell test: all clear!

I’ll return for a 6 month update.
Hey everyone here’s a 7 month update. Plants are going nuts in there but the bladders are still going strong! They somehow haven’t completely overpopulated the tank yet. I have not touched this jar since January when I last filled the water. I’ll come back again for a 1 year update :)


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ONE YEAR UPDATE! Haven't added water since July. The moss has completely taken over, and all the other plants are just becoming food for the snails. I occasionally throw more snails in there when I find them in my 10 gallon tank, but the population always thins and on average the jar can support around 10 snails. I guess I'll be back next year for a 2 year update.


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