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Jan 3, 2012
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Livestock: 3 x Tinfoil Barbs, 1 x Golden Gourami, 1 x Silver Dollar
Quantity for sale: 5
Reason for Sale: Wanting to pass on to someone with a bigger tank
Delivery or Collection: Collection only
Sales price: Free to a good home
Postage & Packaging: N/A
Location: Rawmarsh, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62

Approx sizes;
1 x Golden Gourami (approx 3 inches)
1 x Silver Dollar (approx 3.5 inches)
3 x Tinfoil Barbs (approx 4.5, 4 & 2 inches)

Youtube Video of Fish

All in good condition, Tinfoils have slight marks from flicking & jumping but nothing that won’t heal. Silver Dollar has a tiny split in dorsal fin but this should heal up in the next week or two.

Tank is set to 24 celsius. Monthly checks for ammonia/nitrate/nitrite. 50% water change done weekly. Ornament cleaning/gravel vac/algae removal done monthly.

Fish used to diet of dried flakes, algae wafers, bloodworm pellets, dried daphnia & spirulina tablets. Are shy when taking flakes/daphnia off the top, they LOVE the bloodworm pellets & I’m happy to provide a few to new owner(s).

I know my tank is not suitable for the fish I have in it but all of these fish were rescued & they are looked after properly & are a lot happier now. I’ve been meaning to sort them out for a couple of months & now I’m moving house it is the perfect opportunity to find them a new owner, preferably someone who knows how to look after an aquarium & has a much more roomier tank than me.

I will not give these fish to anyone with a smaller or same size tank as me (3 feet, 90 litres), also if I do not think you know how to look after an aquarium. These fish are looked after & it's only fair that I give them to someone who will do the same.

The rest of the fish in the video have already been offloaded to family, these fish are the ones that they either did not want or didn’t have the space for.

You can contact me by phone 07947994523 ask for Luke. I may not always be able answer my phone& I don’t have a voicemail service so I’ll call you back if I don’t answer.

If you do want these fish then please bring some sort of bucket or something that you can take them back to your aquarium in as I don’t have anything like that.

Happy to answer any questions & provide more pictures/videos if required.

Sorry about the quality of pics.

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