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Dec 27, 2004
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Common Names: Jasmine Coral, Ridge Coral

Scientific Name: Nemenzophyllia turbida

Family: Caryophylliidae

Origin: Indo-Pacific

Temperament Peaceful

Tank Placement: Bottom, low water flow

Care: The fox coral if one that doesn't get too much attention but is truly beautiful. In nature, it is found in lagoons with low water movement. It looks like a small flower when open. It can come in many colors including green or cream or white. The coral is an LPS or large polyp stony coral and thus has a calcareous skeleton. When placing in the aquarium, it is important to remember that the coral will open and expand to 2-3 times it's closed width. There are no sweeper tentacles. It's skeleton IS fragile so be careful.

Lighting: Moderate

Feeding: The fox coral contains the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae and are thus photosynthetic. However, they will benefit from phytoplankton in the tank

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