Fluval Aquasky 2.0, (w/Bluetooth).

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Bruce Leyland-Jones

Bruce Leyland-Jones

Fish Aficionado
Jul 1, 2021
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Cleator Moor, Cumbria
Just before parting company with the hobby, some 13 years back, LEDs were just starting to make themselves know. Prior to this, I'd just got used to the 'special plant spectrum' fluorescent tubes, that definitely did wonders for the plants, but gave the tank a slight pinkish tint.
When my starter unit finally blew, I had more success collecting hen's teeth, than finding an affordable replacement and had to buy some LEDs. These were okay, but only had the one colour, (bright white) and had a very simple on and off.
Returning to the hobby, new lights were everywhere and I chose the Aquasky because I liked the look of them and I wanted a certain degree of 'future-proofing'.

I'm still happy with my purchase and bought a second unit for my second tank.

Blue light as "moonlight" is a gimmick. In nature, moonlight doesn't penetrate more than a few inches below the water surface... and that's with a full moon, no cloud cover. Having blue light on does not count as the total darkness that fish need for rest (critters of the night not included).
Agreed, but it is a comfortable light to watch crepuscular and nocturnal activities by. It's one of those gimmicks that's for the fishkeeper and not the fish and, fortunately, anyone who declares that they leave it on all night, thereby depriving their fish of 'proper' dark, seem to get appropriately 'educated'.

EDIT for literacy.

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