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Fluval Marine Nano LED Light Review

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Mar 1, 2023
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Houston, TX

The light is great, with a couple of exceptions. There's no on-board battery so the time sync is done via the bluetooth connection to your phone. If power goes out, the light defaults to whatever the Manual setting is. The Manual setting has no time awareness so would just stay on indefinitely until someone connected via bluetooth to sync the time with it. I love the light and the app, but this time sync issue is a deal breaker almost. Not that power outages happen often, but it does happen where I live. I'm usually home so would be able to connect my phone to it. Would hate to be gone for a trip and it happen though.

I also haven't been able to use the Pro setting on it because I've caught it turning back on after it was already set to turn off. Not sure if that was user error or what but I've stuck with the Auto setting because of it.

The size is perfect for a 3 gallon I'm using it on. In specs it says tank capacity is 5 x 5 " so I think that is 5.5 gallons.
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